Grandfather Studio is founded by graphic designer and artist Ramon Espinosa (he/they), a queer, Filipinx immigrant from Manila. Based in Los Angeles, the studio specializes in posters, small books, zines and other ephemera, and social media graphics. Grandfather is dedicated to Ramon’s maternal grandfather, who was the one who named him at birth.

Ramon is currently the design and production specialist for the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles. He received a Digital Marketing certificate from General Assembly, and is a self-taught graphic designer.

Grandfather centers queer BIPOC individuals and small business owners. Sliding scale and pro bono negotiable. To contact, send an email by clicking the link below.

This website and its services are a safe space for all marginalized peoples, specifically queer, non-binary and transgender BIPOC folks. This studio is proudly anti-imperialist, anti-colonialist, anti-fascist, anti-apartheid, anti-police, anti-capitalist, and anti-queer/homo/bi/transphobia.